Chiropractic Adjustments

Your spine is the center of your mobility and posture. If you're having issues with this part of your body, a professional chiropractor can help. Whether you need regular chiropractic adjustments in Little Elm, TX, or to recover from an acute injury consider expert care at Core Strength. Dr. Jared Wilson is your local chiropractor who will make you feel at ease immediately and walk away feeling better, whether it's your first adjustment or fiftieth.

What Is an Adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments are the methods a chiropractor uses in order to align the spine and other joints. A typical adjustment involves the patient lying on a table as Dr. Wilson moves them in certain ways while pressing down on specific parts of their spine. Some adjustments are done manually, while others are done with a handheld tool called the activator. By applying rapid and deep pressure, your Little Elm, TX, chiropractor can achieve changes such as pushing bulging discs back into place over time.

Who Needs This Treatment?

Adjustments can be a part of regular care for any healthy human being. After all, they release pressure from the spine and ensure you maintain good posture. However, people dealing with certain types of pain in their joints, bones, or muscles can benefit from this therapy the most. When Dr. Wilson sees you for an adjustment, he conducts a thorough consultation with you. When he gets an overview of your issues, he targets his adjustments as much as possible to the troublesome area. For example, if you're complaining of neuropathy or numbness, he may understand that you have a compressed nerve somewhere due to a misalignment in your skeletal system. Conditions such as sciatica result from compression on the sciatic nerve, usually due to a bulging disc in the lumbar spine. Proper chiropractic adjustment can gradually push your disc back into place, thus reducing nerve compression, numbness, or pain. 

Many people who've been in car accidents can also benefit from an adjustment. When dealing with the symptoms of whiplash or migraines from a past concussion, the adjustment in the upper spine and neck areas may be what you need to relieve the pressure or misalignment causing pain. Dr. Wilson knows how to combine adjustments with his other skills and tools. Your regular adjustments may go in cohesion with electric muscle stimulation, decompression therapy, and therapeutic stretching exercises that relax and strengthen the soft tissue area.

Visit Dr. Wilson at Core Strength for your chiropractic adjustments in Little Elm, TX. He can help you manage spinal or soft tissue pain, treat neuropathy, and maintain good posture. Call us at 972-292-9863 for an appointment.



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